Will The Daily for iPad fly?

Will The Daily for iPad fly?


I downloaded Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily over the weekend, it’s the first daily newspaper designed for the iPad. It has plenty of bells and whistles, animated transitions, embedded videos, and plenty of content to go with it. They sure put the iPad’s processing power to the test. But it didn’t totally grab me. It felt a little too overdone. I appreciate their effort, the carousel of featured articles is clever but jittery, the embedded social integration is game changing when compared to present content iPad apps. But is that enough?

To me it screams as though the newspaper world is trying too hard to make things “fresh,” “edgy” and well, just different. Murdoch laid down $56M for The Daily to operate in year 1, the main problem I see is that it’s a once a day thing, and the way information moves on the internet today is in realtime. If you’re not up to date with the latest information you’re not meeting the readers needs. I see this plenty here on Mobile Magazine. We try to give our readers the most timely and thoughtful articles that we believe are the most interesting to them, and that happens many times a day, not just once.

The app is free to download with a 2 week trial, it is worth checking out.

Here is the official commercial for The Daily which Murdoch aired on the Super Bowl yesterday.