Verizon Palm Pre 2 finally arrives on February 17

Verizon Palm Pre 2 finally arrives on February 17


The GSM version of the Palm Pre 2, both in its unlocked UMTS and its Rogers-locked form, has been making its way around for some time now, so where is the CDMA-friendly variant for Verizon? That wait is finally coming to an end, as Big Red is apparently gearing up for a February 17 launch.

What you see above is an “internal product page at a third party retailer.” It goes through all the usual specs, features, and selling points, but you’ll also notice the “all channel launch date” of February 17, 2011 in the left sidebar. By that time, VZW subscribers will already have the choice of the iPhone, along with so many Android phones.

If you’re bent on webOS 2.0, though, the Palm Pre 2 really isn’t that bad a phone. The build quality is decent, the UI is attractive, and the compact size sets it apart from other smartphones. That said, it’s not that different from the first Pre (or even the Pre Plus).

I have a feeling it’ll launch at the usual $100-ish with contract only to drop to “free with agreement” in a month or two. Maybe a Palm Pre 2 Plus is in order?