UR-110 watch blends astronomy and time-telling

UR-110 watch blends astronomy and time-telling


URWERK’s new UR-110 watch is a solar system behind a sapphire crystal viewing glass, using orbiting “hour satellites” running along a minute track and a steampunk tenor to tell time.

Its asymmetrical titanium casing houses the three satellites on a carousel, each with a four-sided hour indicator which itself rotates as it orbits the timepiece’s centre. Beneath this carousel are two other dials: A day/night indicator and an oil change gauge. Yes, oil change.

The watch’s self-winding system is regulated by dual turbines visible from the back of the watch.

“The beauty of the UR-110 is in its apparent simplicity. The development of UR-110 mobilized our entire team for nearly two years,” says Felix Baumgartner of URWERK. “Among the challenges posed by this complication was working out the optimal architecture for supporting the central carousel and the rotating hour modules. We finally opted for a technical solution that is radically different from any of our other creations: instead of ball bearings, a fixed axis runs the full height of the watch, providing maximum rigidity and minimum play. The whole complication is perfectly balanced on this axis.”

The watch is water resistant up to 3 ATM, or roughly 100 feet.

To get your hands on the watch, you’ll have to find one of the handful of URWERK’s authorized retailers, none of which are posting a price. In the meantime, you can watch the video and pretend you own one.