How to replace the Motorola Droid X Digitizer

How to replace the Motorola Droid X Digitizer


Of all the Motorola phone repair issues we see the Droid X seems to break often. The screen is huge and despite it being ‘gorilla glass’ it breaks often enough to send many searching for solutions.

A Droid X repair is very dicy and easy to screw up if you don’t know what you are doing. There is some material online that helps with the overall process of DIY repair but everything false short in some degree. This won’t be the end all guide but this is meant to fill in some gaps so you don’t screw things up rather than fixing it successfully.

We used a T-4 Torx screwdriver, heat gun and a pry tool as tools to complete the repair. On the low end, you can find the Droid X digitizer within the US borders for $75 and some pricing over $100. This is much higher than most digitizer screens, so while it is not the easiest to break (not hard either) it is expensive. Lucky for Droid X fanboys though, when the screen breaks the LCD can still be good. For some phones they are stuck together so a tiny crack can result in big dollars lost.

Prop off the top and bottom plastic caps on the edge of the phone. This is easy.

Once you unscrew the back you have to pry apart the back and front assembly with plastic clips that must be released without breaking them. This can be a nuisance but with any experience it is obvious that these things need to be pried with measured force.

After you have avoided breaking off the plastic clips it is on to the guts of the phone, it is onto lifting the motherboard.

It is really easy to damage the connecter so you can’t lift the motherboard completely. There is a connector connecting the LCD to the motherboard, you will rip this if you are not careful.

You will also notice black sticky foam gook (aka black sticky icky) that holds the digitizer connector in place. You will need to remove this, using tweezer to remove the phone without damage to the connector.

The digitizer has two connectors, with the smaller one being under a plastic ‘door’ that also must be released. The plastic door is very fragile and has black sticky icky foam to be a real headache.

The connectors can really screw you up so be careful not to tear the ribbon, bend the pins in the connectors and even break the black door.

Now, just reverse the steps of not f’ing up the disassembly of your phone and place in the new digitizer during reassembly. Steady hands and attentions spans help.

If this seems too difficult or you’re scared of making things worse, you can always send it in to be serviced.

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