The future of air travel seating

The future of air travel seating


Flying used to be a luxury. It used to be a privilege. Now, it’s not all that different from hitching a ride on the Greyhound, aside from the TSA molestations. What, then, can airlines do to revolutionize our experience?

The guys at Gizmag have put together a series of concepts for different seating arrangements that could one day find their way onto commercial aircraft. Some approach the “cattle class” end of the equation, trying to cram as many passengers as possible into as small a space as possible. Others increase your comfort for a radically increased price.

For my part, I’m surprised that airlines have already started adopting the Thompson Solutions Cozy Suite highlighted here. The staggered seating allows for more passengers (read: more revenue), fewer moving parts (read: less weight and, thus, less fuel), and no shared armrests (read: more comfort). It’s win-win all around, isn’t it?

I’ve heard that there are some airlines in China considering a standing room only plane for domestic flights. That can’t be safe, can it?