Asus Lamborghini external hard drive runs “with the bulls in style”

Asus Lamborghini external hard drive runs “with the bulls in style”


Great. Another portable hard drive. They’re all pretty much the same thing, right? Yes, they’re the same if you think that a Corolla and a Gallardo are the same thing. And that’s why you might want to take a gander at the new Asus Lamborghini external hard drive.

The portable storage solution follows the branding scheme of other Asus Lamborghini products. You don’t really get the keys to a supercar when you buy this drive, but it certainly has more personality than the conventional grey box of an external drive.

In terms of specs, the shiny package (which is available in your choice of black or white; no cherry red or vibrant yellow options just yet) features a 750GB 2.5-inch drive (either 5400rpm or 7200rpm) that you can access either through USB 2.0 or the speedier USB 3.0. The FlexSave tech makes for easy data backups too.

Not everyone is going to want such a gawdy external hard drive, but it’ll go well with your Asus Lamborghini notebook when you pull up to the local Starbucks in your Jetta. The 750GB model sells for $139 or you can go smaller with the $119 version with 500GB. Both of those are just USB 2.0, though, as the USB 3.0 iterations aren’t quite ready yet. I wonder if Acer will fire back with a Ferrari drive that’s “more than you can afford pal.”