Thumbs up for the 80s iPhone Brick case

Thumbs up for the 80s iPhone Brick case


First iPod Boomboxes. Then iPad arcade cabinets, and now iPhone brick cases. Apple has officially – albeit inadvertently – caused the spin-off return of the 80s.

Thumbs Up’s new Brick iPhone case, complete with mock antenna, gives the technological miracle that is your iPhone all the nostalgic stylings of 80s Wall Street yuppiedom, bringing us back to an age where the size of your phone – not the size of your truck – was the tell-tale indicator of overcompensation.

The case fits all models of iPhone snugly, allowing full access to the screen and all controls. The case isn’t available yet, but when it is, it’ll cost you around $20.

My only concern is that the size may be wasted. Sure, it may be a novelty case, but have they taken advantage of any of that extra space to add an external battery pack? If the Mophie can double the battery life with a case a fraction of the size, this brick could have given the iPhone a week of talk time.

Have they included some sort of connector to a microphone and speaker, or will users have to try to hear their calls through two inches of rubber?

To be honest, at $20 it’s just a bit of nostalgia. Though, I’ll probably be nabbing one of these for myself either way.

[Giz via Facebook page]