Hublot watch grants Hiro Nakamura powers to anyone

Hublot watch grants Hiro Nakamura powers to anyone


Okay. Heroes kind of lost its way after the first season, so it’s not all that surprising that it eventually got canned by NBC. You won’t be able to catch any more of those everyday superheroes on TV again (unless you count No Ordinary Family, which really isn’t the same thing), but you can relive your yatta moments with the La Cle du Temps watch from Hublot.

Go ahead and unleash your inner Hiro Nakamura, because this crazy-looking watch will give you the ability to speed up or slow down time to your heart’s delight. La Cle du Temps, after all, translates to “the key of time” in French. By use of a special selector, you can get time to run fast or run slow; yes, you can control time…. sort of.

The real world will continue to operate as it always has, but you can think that you’ve slowed things down to bullet time, cleverly evading bad guys and putting things back in their place. When you’re done with your make believe, the watch can make use of its memory to bring the clockface back to the correct time. Go back to “normal” mode and you’re among the masses again.

Is this useful? Not at all, but I think I’d rather have this than one of those silly iPod nano watches.