Monowalker’s hiking trailer: Wheelbarrow meets U-Haul

Monowalker’s hiking trailer: Wheelbarrow meets U-Haul


The Monowalker is a backwards hip-strap-mounted luggage wheelbarrow perfect for “scientists in nature” who need to hike their gear out on narrow trails. Hunters, to bloody up the steam-bent, varnished ashwood frame whilst dragging dead animals out of the woods. And they haven’t forgotten you, dads; the hiking trailer is fully compatible with “Billy the Kid” child carrier backpacks.

The way it works is fairly simple: The apparatus straps on to your hip, you strap up to 100 lbs of your bags and gear to the apparatus, and it trails behind you as you head up the trails. The single wheel features an Avid BB7 disc break for going downhill – and allows the trailer to double as a kickstand if you need to lean back and take a breath.

And if you hear fellow hikers trekking up your way, the trailer converts to a traditional backpack in a matter of seconds, granting an easy out in the face of shame.

The trailer is available now on available on their website for €899,00 (about $1,200), with optional €50 colour upgrades or as a bicycle trailer for €300.

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