Rumor: Two Facebook branded smartphones set to debut at MWC

Rumor: Two Facebook branded smartphones set to debut at MWC


Up until now, Facebook has “only” been a social network. It spawned a huge number of apps, both desktop and mobile, but Zuckerberg’s team hasn’t really dabbled in hardware. Until now.

In direct contrast to Mark Zuckerberg’s claim not too long ago, there’s a report — whether true or not has yet to be determined — going around saying that there will be not one, but two Facebook branded smartphones being unveiled at Mobile World Congress next month. Just as we anxiously awaited a “Google Phone” for some time, a “Facebook Phone” could be just around the corner.

Interestingly enough, it’s being said that the first Facebook phones will be built by HTC, just like how the first Android phones were made by HTC (and how most Windows Mobile phones, back in the day, were also made by HTC). So, is there going to be a brand new Facebook OS to go with this too? Yes and no.

Apparently, the HTC-sourced smartphones will “run a modified build of Google’s Android operating system that will display information from a user’s Facebook account on the home screen.” So, it’s like HTC Sense or Samsung TouchWiz… only with Walls, Pokes, and FarmVilles.

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