$1,270 iPhone 4 case ready for pre-order

$1,270 iPhone 4 case ready for pre-order


Just in time to become obsolete in five months with the release of the iPhone 5 – and presumably more expensive – is Franck Muller’s set of $1,270 limited edition iPhone 4 cases.

The cases appear to be a jumble of numbers in a Tim Burton-esque font, hashed together to make a lacework cover that doesn’t obscure any of the plugs, buttons, cameras or other ports and holes on the phone.

The Swiss watch brand will be making short runs of the case’s six colour schemes, each seeing only 500 sales through Japanese iPhone provider SoftBank after the release in April. Though they’re only on for pre-order at the moment before sales start in Japan, you’ll be able to get your hands on them at Rinkya or Geek Stuff 4 U if you’ve got that kind of loot kicking around for a case.

[Mobile Crunch via Rinkya]