CompuLab Trim-Slice: The smallest desktop computer ever

CompuLab Trim-Slice: The smallest desktop computer ever


With all this talk of smartphones and tablets, sometimes we forget that we still need, you know, actual computers. The trouble is that typical desktop computers can suck up quite a bit of power compared to their portable counterparts. Not so with the Trim-Slice from CompuLab.

The Israel-based company has produced what they believe to be its smallest and most energy-efficient model to date. The Trim Slice has a paltry average operational draw of just three watts. It’s like it’s barely there. This lower power consumption is achieved via the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, even though it is providing a full PC experience.

Remember, this is not a netbook or a notebook. There’s no keyboard or display here; it’s just the PC itself. Even so, the fanless computer rocks a 64GB SSD, 1GB DDR2 RAM, wireless-N, expansion slots, USB ports, HDMI-out, and dual head DVI. They’ve even included S/PDIF for 5.1 surround sound.

Given its small stature and low power consumption, the CompuLab Trim-Slice could be a good candidate for those all-in-one PCs (a la iMac). It would even be easy to mount up in your car. CompuLab is marketing it for “power infotainment systems, digital signage and IPTV, or as a gaming device or desktop PC replacement.”

They haven’t indicated a price, but it should be “lower than a tablet.” Look for the Trim-Slice this April.

CompuLab is Introducing Trim-Slice – the first NVIDIA® TegraTM 2 based desktop

Haifa, Israel – 24-Jan-11 – CompuLab is introducing Trim-Slice – a miniature desktop computer powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2. With 0.6″ thick all-metal housing, Trim-Slice is CompuLab’s smallest and most energy-efficient computer to-date.

NVIDIA Tegra 2 integrates a 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex A9 and an ultra-low power GeForce GPU onto the same chip, making it the most powerful ARM based system-on-chip available today.
“Trim-Slice is designed to unleash the full potential of NVIDIA Tegra 2” said Irad Stavi, Director of Business Development at CompuLab. “Trim-Slice feeds the Tegra 2 with all the ingredients for supporting high performance CPU: 1 GB RAM, SATA SSD and dual SDHC for storage and GbE networking. Users can experience the outstanding multimedia capabilities of the Tegra 2 through full-HD HDMI, dual-head display and 5.1 channels digital audio.”

“CompuLab demonstrated many times over its expertise in power-efficient system design.” said Igor Vaisbein, Trim-Slice Project Manager at CompuLab. “The ultra-low power of NVIDIA Tegra 2 enabled designing Trim-Slice into a miniature form-factor with unprecedentedly low-power envelope while providing rich multimedia capabilities and PC-like user experience”.

High performance, low-power, rich I/O and miniature rugged design, position Trim-Slice as an attractive solution for a variety of applications – media player, IPTV, infotainment system, signage, gaming or even desktop replacement to name a few.

Trim-Slice differs from most other ARM based solutions by being a commercially available open platform for software developers.
“The software eco-system on ARM is evolving quickly” said Mike Rapoport, Director of SW Development at CompuLab. “The open-source community and ISVs need an ARM development platform that is versatile, open and powerful. Trim-Slice meets that by incorporating PC-like performance, memory, storage, display, I/O and networking in an open platform that allows installation of any supported OS and application. CompuLab will offer more than one OS working on Trim-Slice out-of-the-box.”
CompuLab will cooperate with ISVs that select Trim-Slice as a reference platform.

• CPU: NVIDIA® TegraTM 2 Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 1GHz with integrated ultra-low power GeForce GPU
• Memory: 1 GB DDR2-800
• Storage :
o Full size SD (SDHC)
o Micro SD (SDHC)
o SATA SSD (up to 64GB)
• Networking:
o 1 GbE
o WiFi 802.11n + BT
• Display :HDMI 1.3 full-HD + DVI (dual head)
• Audio: Stereo line-out, line-in, 5.1 digital S/PDIF
• Video in: PAL/NTSC
• I/O:
o 4 USB2 ports (480 MBps)
o 1 USB device
o RS232 Serial port
• Extension: JTAG, 2 UARTs, SPI
• Housing: Fanless all-metal nickel-plated die-cast
• Dimensions: 130mm x 95mm x 15mm – 5.1” x 3.7” x 0.6”
• Power: 8-16V DC, 3W average

CompuLab expects to start accepting orders from Trim-Slice in April. “Trim-Slice pricing is yet to be finalized” said Mr. Stavi. “It will be priced hig¬her than a streamer, but lower than a tablet”.
Trim-Slice is guaranteed for long term availability of 5 years. It will be available in several configurations and will be offered to OEMs looking to re-brand the product.

About CompuLab
CompuLab is a leading designer and manufacturer of embedded computing products since 1992. CompuLab’s fit-PC line of miniature, fanless PCs – introduced in 2007 – positioned CompuLab as an industry leader in the field of miniature, fanless industrial PCs. CompuLab headquarters are located in Haifa, Israel with offices in St. Petersburg, FL.

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