Froyo update for T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant is out, not OTA

Froyo update for T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant is out, not OTA


The Galaxy S line of smartphones from Samsung are pretty impressive. Unfortunately, the line happens to lag pretty far behind when it comes to getting Android updates. I guess you could say that it’s better late than never?

For those who are rocking a Samsung Vibrant through T-Mobile, your wait is finally over. They’re finally going to start pushing out Android 2.2 Froyo to your chosen smartphone.

T-Mobile and Samsung originally indicated that they were doing a “staggered rollout” of the Froyo update. Interestingly, this has all changed today allowing for the end user to update on their own.

The hope is that the Vibrant update will finally open up the floodgates for the other Galaxy S phones sold in the United States, as they are — as of yet — still Froyo-less in status. Are the carriers to blame? Samsung reportedly sent Froyo to T-Mo in November! The carrier has just been fiddling with skins and Wi-Fi calling functionality for the last couple months.

T-Mobile’s official announcement states: “A software update is available for the Samsung Vibrant. It updates the device from Android 2.1 (Éclair) to Android 2.2 (Froyo). This upgrade includes Wi-Fi calling, USB / Wi-Fi tethering, and various software enhancements. This upgrade will not be sent to customers Over the Air (OTA) – Instead, you must install the upgrade by connecting your  Vibrant to a PC using Samsung Kies Mini software.”