Geohot invited to jailbreak Windows Phone 7

Geohot invited to jailbreak Windows Phone 7


George “Geohot” Hotz. He survived Apple’s lawsuit for jailbreaking the iPhone. More recently, he’s sitting as the defendant in a Sony lawsuit for hacking and bringing homebrew to the PS3.

It may be the way he stated his intentions, but he’s now being invited to jailbreak the Windows Phone 7.

“The way piracy was previously done [on PS3] doesn’t work in my jailbreak,” Hotz said on G4’s Attack of the Show while defending his motivations for bringing Other OS back to the PS3. “I made a specific effort while I was working on this to try to enable homebrew without enabling things I do not support, like piracy.”

Whatever the case, Brandon Watson, who’s working with Microsoft to restore “developer mojo,” sent Hotz a message over Twitter offering a free Windows Phone 7 to the hacker:

“#geohot if you want to build cool stuff on #wp7, send me email and the team will give you a phone – let dev creativity flourish #wp7dev”

It may be motivated by a true desire to support the homebrew community. Then again, Microsoft might just want to gain PR over Windows devices’ hackability.