Fujifilm’s XP30 nears indestructibility without sacrificing photo quality

Fujifilm’s XP30 nears indestructibility without sacrificing photo quality


Fujifilm’s waterproof, dustproof, freezeproof, shockproof camera is about to get an upgrade: Embedded GPS for geo-tagging your photos and video.

The FinePix XP30, to be released next month in black, green and orange, can record 720p HD video aside from regular photos using the 14 Megapixel CCD. You’ll get ISO ranges from 100 to 3200, image stabilization and tracking autofocus, meaning you can shoot fast-moving subjects in the dark on a caffeine high. But the long list of -proofity allows for good photos in even worse conditions. Say, a fast-moving subject five meters below the surface of the ocean in -10ºC waters while shivering. And when you surface, it’ll survive the drop from your shirt pocket as you redress yourself in the midst of a sandstorm. No problem.

But the most outstanding new feature is the camera’s ability to guide you to and from locations of photos using the GPS and the 2.7″ high contrast anti-reflective screen. Using your current location and the geo-tag in your photos, the Photo Navigation feature not only tells you how far you are from where you took a photo, but can create a travel map to that location, using your other photos as illustrations. Plus it comes pre-loaded with about 500,000 places of interest around the globe.

Once your trip’s done, it’ll put together a map of your journey with your photos laid out along the way.

On top of that, it boasts a Fujinon lens with 5x wide-angle refractive optical zoom behind a hardened glass barrier, all tucked into its metal uni-body chassis.

Possibly the only redundant feature on the $240 camera is its Facebook and YouTube Automatic Upload, which requires a connection to a computer that’s connected to the internet in order to send your photos to the web.

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