Facebook app brings feature phones (almost) up to smartphone standards

Facebook app brings feature phones (almost) up to smartphone standards


Almost everyone I know has a smartphone of some kind these days, but there are a few stragglers who haven’t quite jumped on the bandwagon just yet. If you happen to have a so-called “feature phone” and want proper access to social networks, what do you do?

Facebook wants to follow you everywhere, regardless of the kind of phone you have, and that’s why it has just announced a new mobile application for feature phones. Interestingly enough, it’s almost as full-featured (pun intended) as its smartphone counterparts. You can write on walls, check messages, view pictures, read profiles, and so on.

The app can apparently be used without incurring any data charges, so I’m not exactly sure how the carriers are going to be billing you for your usage. They surely want their nickels and dimes as part of this package, right?

The other kicker is that the initial release of the Facebook feature phone app does not include any North American carriers. Instead, it’s being launched on guys like Dialog (Sri Lanka), Play (Poland), Viva (Dominican Republic) and Three (Hong Kong). Mobilicity (Canada) should get it soon, though, as will Telcel (Mexico).

Those coming from Nokia smartphones may recognize some of the visual cues on the Facebook feature phone app. That’s because the social network worked closely with Snaptu to develop it. I don’t think this is any real replacement for a true smartphone, but the feature phone folks will likely enjoy the “no data charges” part. No news yet on a US release or if it will make it that far, Mobilicity in Canada is “coming soon.”