ChevronWP7 prevents Windows Phone 7 from re-locking after Zune sync

ChevronWP7 prevents Windows Phone 7 from re-locking after Zune sync


Just as you can root your Android device and jailbreak your iPhone, you can also unlock your Windows Phone 7 device. However, every time that you sync it back up with Zune, you might find yourself with a locked device again. How can you get around this?

Thankfully, the Internet community is once again coming to the rescue. The kind hackers at XDA have devised a way to prevent any Windows Phone 7 device from losing its unlocked status after synchronizing with Zune. For now, the fix will only work on HTC handsets, but I imagine they’ll be porting it over to Samsung, Dell, LG, and other manufacturers soon.

In addition to the ChevronWP7 unlock procedure, you’ll then need to download the TouchXplorer ZIP file, extract it, install it on your WP7 device, download HTC Connection Setup for Windows Phone 7, install that, launch TouchXplorer, copy the CustClear.provxml file to the root Windows folder, and launch the HTC Connection Setup app and tap on the check button to let it provision.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry. The XDA community is always there to help. Or, you know, you could just not unlock your WP7 device and use it the way Microsoft intended you to use it. Just don’t complain when your unlocked buddies are enjoying functions, features, and apps that you can’t.

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