BMW hacked and remotely controlled by Nokia C7

BMW hacked and remotely controlled by Nokia C7


Anyone who has ever played with a remote-control car has dreamed of this moment. Forget about those tiny 1/18 scale models. What if you could drive a real deal BMW down the road using nothing but your smartphone? That’s the dream that has been realized by a couple of keeners.

An Jiaxuan teamed up with one of his buddies to outfit a brand new BMW (yes, the real car) with the ability to be remotely controlled using a specially designed app for the Nokia C7 smartphone. Remember that the C7 uses the same Symbian^3 platform as the Nokia N8, so you could likely do the same thing with that device too. You know, if you had the same kind of hackery skills as An Jiaxuan.

What’s crazy is that they were able to achieve this feat in just 20 days of programming and testing. They started out with trying to remotely control a little toy, then an air conditioner, then the room lights, then a DSLR camera, and ultimately the full-sized BMW.

Better still, they were able to confuse the heck out of a traffic cop trying to write the “driver” of the red BMW a ticket… only to see that there was no one in the driver’s seat at all.

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