Victorinox Swiss Army flash drives in flight-friendly versions too

Victorinox Swiss Army flash drives in flight-friendly versions too


For many people, a USB flash drive is like any other USB flash drive. Then there are people who want something that can more easily blend in with the rest of their gear, like a Swiss Army knife. That’s where the Victorinox Slim and Slim Duo drives come into place, but what about when you’re about to hitch a flight across the country?

Both the Slim and the Slim Duo are designed to be like real Swiss Army knives. In addition to the swing out flash drive you also get regular pocket knife things like scissors and a nail file. That’s not going to fly (terrible pun intended) with the guys and gals at the TSA, so how do you hang on to your docs without losing the cool of a Swiss Army flash drive?

Well, Victorinox is offering “flight friendly versions” of these drives too. The assumption is that these variants will offer the same kind of look, but they’ll lack in the sharp object department. Yeah, not as cool, even if you get to pick from red, blue, orange pink, green and silver.

In any case, the “advanced USB flash drives” of the Slim and Slim Duo variety will come in capacities as big as 128GB. That should be enough to store all the documents required for your, um, upcoming plot to overthrow the government.

Victorinox add the Slim, Slim Duo and Secure SSD USB Devices to their tech offering

Victorinox, the iconic brand behind the renowned Swiss Army Knives and the Secure Pro USB device has today announced the launch of new electronic additions to its technology range. Showcased at CES, the brand unveiled three new products – the Victorinox Slim, Victorinox Slim Duo and the Victorinox Secure SSD.

The Slim range includes advanced USB flash drive, which are available in flight friendly versions and feature unique designs, colours and slim dimensions along with data storage of up to 128GB. The Secure SSD is the world’s smallest 256GB solidstate drive, delivering three times faster read speed and more than double write speed when compared with standard high speed USB Flash devices.

Victorinox Slim Blue
Victorinox Slim and Victorinox Slim Duo
Combines portable data storage USB device with Victorinox standard pocket knife functions including blades, nail file and scissors and is also available in a flight friendly version.

Products are waterproof, shock resistant and available in a range of colours including red, blue, orange, pink, green and silver. The memory capacity is up to 64GB for the Victorinox Slim and 128GB for the Victorinox Slim Duo.

Victorinox Secure SSD
The Secure SSD is the world’s smallest 265GB solid-state drive and includes a Swiss Army Knife and offers secure data encryptions, in addition to delivering superior read and write speed when compared with other high memory USB drives.

Additional features include, Bistable LCD/e-Paper, Graphic display, 96 x 48 Pixel Monochrome; option to personalize text on the display, dynamic power management, 32 bit high speed processor.

Victorinox Apple Secure
The unique Secure Pro device now has technology compatible with Apple devices; the Apple Secure features a removable USB flash drive with secure data encryption, fingerprint authentication and up to 128GB storage. The application delivers all functionality in Apple-inspired graphical user interface (GUI), making all VSA product management software products Apple compatible.

Carl Elsener, Victorinox Chairman, comments: “Victorinox is a brand which has been evolving over the past couple of years to meet the needs of today’s modern, multitasking consumer. Our lines of secure flash drives are essential products for anyone seeking to protect their professional and personal documents. We design each USB Memory product in keeping with the Victorinox heritage of quality, functionality, innovation and iconic design and are thrilled to launch three unique new products to our consumers.”