Samsung unveils ST6500 with 7 degree “angled body”

Samsung unveils ST6500 with 7 degree “angled body”


Today Samsung has revealed five new digital cameras for the US market; the ST30, ST65, ST90, ST95 and ST6500 compact digital cameras. Most notably is the ST6500 with a 7 degree angled lens that Samsung claims “makes for a more ergonomic fit in the hand.” The angled design is the least bit impressive and continues Samsungs’ trend of disappointingly inadequate low-end shooters.

The ST30 is a tiny compact 10 Megapixel shooter with 1/3″ CCD that will cost just $100. It has DIS Digital Image Stabilization, a 28mm wide zoom lens all in about the size of a mobile phone. Expect it in stores this March.

The ST65 and ST90 have a 14MP 1/2.3” CCD, with the ST95 and ST6500 both having a 16MP 1/2.3” CCD. Their prices range from $129 to $229. Check the specs below for more details.

ST95 ST90 ST65
Image Sensor

16M 1/2.3”

14M 1/2.3”

14M 1/2.3”


26mm Wide 5X Zoom Lens 26mm Wide 5X Zoom Lens

27mm Wide 5XZoom Lens


91.9X53.1X17.0mm 91.8×53.8×16.5mm


3.0” W TSP with Smart Smart Auto 2.0 High Sensitivity 3200
Touch 3.0 Smart Button Smart Auto
Additional features Smart Auto 2.0 Smart Filter 2.0 Smart Filter
Smart Filter 2.0 HD Movie Smart Album
HD Movie(H.264) Built-in PC S/W HD Movie
Built-in PC S/W




Availability February February


Image Sensor 1/3″ CCD 10 Megapixel

Still Image mode : 1.0X ~ 5.0X
Play mode : 1.0X ~ 13.5X
(depends on image size)

Still Image mode:
– Super resolution: 1.0X~1.5X after
optical Zoom
– Extra Zoom: Crop Zoom 1.0X~2.0X (Extra Zoom
– Digital Zoom: 1.0X ~ 4.0X: Optical Zoom (X18) –>

Resolution (X1.5) –> Extra Zoom (X2) or Digital Zoom (X4)
mode : 1.0X ~ 12.5X (depends on image size)

Lens 28mm Wide 3x Zoom Lens
Image Stabilization DIS Digital Image Stabilization
Dimensions 82.0×51.9×16.9mm
Additional features
  • Smart Auto
  • Perfect Portrait System
  • (Face Detection, Blink Detection, Smile Shot, Beauty Shot, Self
  • Smart Album
  • Function Description
  • Photo Style Selector
Pricing and Availability $99.99

Available in March

Image Sensor 1/2.33″ (Approx. 7.76mm) CCD 16 Megapixel
Zoom Still Image mode:
– Extra Zoom: Crop Zoom 1.0X~2.0X (Extra Zoom
– Digital Zoom: 1.0X ~ 5.0X
: Optical Zoom(X5) –>
Extra Zoom(X2) or Digital Zoom(X5)
Play mode: 1.0X ~ 14.4X
(depends on image size)
Lens Samsung Lens f = f4.7∼23.5mm (f26∼130m 35mm film equiv.)
Image Stabilization OIS and DIS (Optical and Digital Image Stabilization)
Dimensions 102.3 x 56.5 x 19.3
Additional features – Smart Touch 3.0 UI
– Sound Alive
– Smart Auto
– Smart Filter 2.0
– Perfect Portrait System
Pricing and availability $229

Available in March