Nike+ GPS app lets you play tag

Nike+ GPS app lets you play tag


The Nike+ GPS app tracks your speed and distance, maps your runs, and allows your friends on facebook and twitter to view your progress. It costs $1.99 on itunes and just got a fun new update; you can now play tag with other runners. You challenge someone with time or distance nearby. Whoever runs the shortest distance or runs the least amount of time would be “it.”

The Inside Nike Running YouTube channel put up a creepy video to announce the new update. A masculine, movie-commercial voice tells us that, “It can arise at any minute. It knows who you are. It knows where you are. It defines you. No one wants to be it. So don’t be it. Run.”

The video then demonstrates how with the updated app, once they’re “tagged” runners will leave their girlfriend/dog/job behind to participate in the game.

The app is meant to encourage runners to motivate each other, or face the terrible, socially-crippling disappointment of being “it.” And encourage people to buy the app of course. After all, $1.99 is a steal if you paid $85 for Nike running shoes. If you can get past the video it should be all fun and games.