RepairLaunch launches, in need of iPhone repair? No problem

RepairLaunch launches, in need of iPhone repair? No problem


Dropped your iPhone in the bath? Perhaps you just left it on the roof of your car and drove off like it never existed, then tried phoning yourself and found it ringing a pathetic tone through its busted up housing. Well, there’s good news, RepairLaunch is here.

“Our mission has always been to be the #1 repair services website and our new electronics repair storefront is a step in the right direction.” said Jesse Herman, CEO of Repair Launch.

Sure you can go and try to repair it yourself, i’ve attempted it on several occasions; sometimes things just don’t go back together as they should. “If you have a broken phone there are some things to remember before embarking on a DIY repair mission. First, these phones are not meant to be taken apart. Without the proper tools, it is impossible. It takes practice and research to complete a successful repair yourself. So, if you are good at these types of things and excellent at following directions, you could save money and fix a phone yourself — Knowing we a phone call away to finish the job if needed.” added Herman.

RepairLaunch is here for iPhone repair, iPad, HTC Android smartphone, if you talk on it they can fix it. Just mail in your broken device and you will get a specialized mobile phone tech working on it pronto.