Ion Book Scanner digitizes your 200-page books in 15 minutes for eReading

Ion Book Scanner digitizes your 200-page books in 15 minutes for eReading


Thanks to the rising popularity of devices like the Kobo and Kindle, more and more people are starting to rely on e-books for their textual enjoyment. Even so, what do you do if you already have a massive library of dead tree editions? The Book Saver Book Scanner from Ion Audio could be the ticket.

I know. It’s a little weird finding a product like this from a company that normally specializes in turntables and other audio equipment, but you also have to realize that they’ve already developed products to convert vinyl records into MP3 files. The same kind of philosophy is taken with converting paper-based books into digital ones.

Yes, the Book Saver looks like quite the contraption with its spider-like legs and almost post-apocalyptic stance, but that’s part of why it can work so quickly. They’re saying that a 200-page book can be scanned and converted to e-book in 15 minutes.

The clever contraption consists of an angled cradle for holding your book and an upper frame with two cameras and built-in flash units (one pointed at each page). You snap the picture, flip the page, and move on. Each pair of pages takes about a second. At the end, the e-book is recorded onto an SD card and away you go.

You know what would help this $149 scanner even more? If it had some kind of mechanism for flipping the pages for you. Perhaps the $100,000 ScanRobot would better suit your needs.