PixelOptics single swipe liquid lenses will change the way you see

PixelOptics single swipe liquid lenses will change the way you see


If you are either near-sighted, far-sighted, or maybe both, you might think that vision technology is moving a little too slow for your liking and having to wear bifocal lenses are cramping your style. The truth is, bifocals and progressive lenses are absolutely old tech, very last decade, and that is why PixelOptics has chosen to take the road less travelled with a much needed 21th century upgrade. Instead of the regular bifocal lenses, the company at CES showed their technology that uses liquid crystal lenses that are able to adjust their focus in less than a second, to any different focuses you may require given your situation, from reading to driving.  Now that’s taking glasses to a whole new level of clarity.

A simple electrical signal changes the liquid crystal instantly, activating and deactivating the reading zone of your glasses.  Or for an even more impressive demonstration, simply slide a finger along the side of the arm to enable a tiny gyroscope that adjusts the lens even as you move your head. So this means no more headaches from having two different lenses in front of your eyes.

The liquid crystal lenses can be fitted into any frame design, giving them the most potential for reaching a broad audience. But unless you are already using bifocal or progressive lens glasses the focus shifts may be too subtle to appreciate, but from the demo video you can really notice the significant changes in clarity.

PixelOptics plans to bring the lenses to market by April of this year, although they will make you dig into your pockets a little deeper than usual, with their $1,200 price tag.

[Gizmodo via PixelOptics]