Green notebook cooling stands made with renewable bamboo

Green notebook cooling stands made with renewable bamboo


There’s a series of notebooks from companies like Asus that make use of bamboo. Apparently, it’s supposed to be a durable and sustainable material that is friendly to the environment since its farming practices are much less disruptive as others. It seems that Macally agrees with the bamboo thing and now they’ve begun to offer bamboo cooling stands for laptops too.

These caught my eye as I meandered around the CES trade show floor in Las Vegas this past week. Normally, when it comes to notebook cooling stands we find them made of a variety of plastics, aluminium, and so on.   I’d almost be inclined to think that the Macally Ecofan and Ecofan Pro cooling stands could be potential fire hazards. But if bamboo is similar to other woods in respects to the point in which it will simply ignite and combust, 572 degrees Fahre­nheit (300 C) is a long ways away from torching your lap.  I’d be more worried about that potentially explosive knock-off battery.  In any case, its unknown if it dissipates heat as well as aluminium does, so we’ll just have to get our hands on one and find out.

Both the Macally Ecofan and Ecofan Pro are equipped with a pair of 2.5-inch fans spinning along at 2300rpm. Power comes by way of a standard USB cable connected to your notebook and the cooling stands will hold notebooks up to 17-inches in size. The only difference between the two is that the Ecofan has a fixed height (at a slightly ergonomic angle), while the Ecofan Pro is adjustable in height.

A third and the newest edition to the bamboo family is the EcoPad, much more like an extendable chopping block with ventilation holes and a mouse rest.  This one is fanless and costs about $25 online, while the EcoFan models list for $40.