Samsung’s Infuse 4G: Android infatuation

Samsung’s Infuse 4G: Android infatuation


Dear Samsung,

Thank-you for the Infuse 4G.

First of all, that screen. That beautiful 4.5-inch display may as well be made of diamond we love it so much. Super AMOLED Plus means 50% more pixels, and that doesn’t just mean we like it, we love it.

Secondly, 1.2GHz? Are you even kidding me with that? Am I seriously holding the fastest Android phone to date? Does it have a chair app? Because sweet Jesus I need to sit down.

Thirdly, my goodness what a body. One touch and I know this isn’t some cheap phone you pick up on the corner. Your phone feels like the definition of craftsmanship and makes the Nexus S and Galaxy feel second-rate. And while we thought LG’s Optimus Black was thin, the Infuse 4G is incredibly sleek and the thinnest with Android.

And finally, thank-you for front (1.3MP) and rear-facing (8MP) cameras, they make me feel tingly inside. Like we need to video call our grandmothers just to see how wrinkly they are.

For all the above we’ll forgive the TouchWiz UI on top of the Android OS, but you had no choice in the matter.

Yours truly,

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