Two new Speck CandyShell iPhone 4 cases hit the market

Two new Speck CandyShell iPhone 4 cases hit the market


Speck, makers of the ever-popular CandyShell iPhone case, has released two new models with two new innovations: You can choose either the CandyShell View, which holds your iPhone 4 in a convenient position for viewing photos, using FaceTime or watching videos; or the CandyShell Card, which adds a new level of horror to losing your phone by doubling as a wallet for ID and credit cards. Both at $40 a pop.

Though both will add a bit of width to your ‘thinnest smartphone in the world,’ they definitely seem to be worth it. In the back of the View, there’s a spring-loaded kickstand that pulls out from its almost entirely concealed position. Good for both landscape and portrait views, the stand remains in place until you decide to release it back into the back of the case.

Paired with a bluetooth keyboard and maybe Google Docs, I could see this case as being a real lifesaver in laptop-emergency situations – or when you just don’t feel like schlepping your whole notebook across town, but want to hammer out a few emails between appointments.

The CandyShell Card seems equally innovative, but I just can’t get past the trepidation I would undoubtedly feel carrying all of my valuables in the same misplaceable/snatchable little case. Losing EITHER your phone OR your wallet is bad enough.

And even if you do have “Find My Phone,” I doubt your American Express will still be inside when you find it.

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Specks Most Popular Case Design Gains New Functions As CandyShell View And CandyShell Card For iPhone

PALO ALTO, CA and LAS VEGAS, NV, CES – January 4, 2011 – Speck’s critically acclaimed, award-winning and best-selling case, the CandyShell, arrives at the Consumer Electronics Show this week sporting some new form and function. Just revealed today, Speck’s CandyShell View and CandyShell Card for iPhone 4 join the ever-popular CandyShell collection of case designs. For images, please visit: and

“CandyShell is a bona fide hit with consumers, so we asked ourselves ‘How can we take the magic of CandyShell and transform it to serve new needs and uses?’” said Bryan Hynecek, Director of Design at Speck. “Both cases are designed to keep pace with our fast-moving mobile culture.”

CandyShell View
With the new CandyShell View, you can watch movies, videos, or use FaceTime on your iPhone 4 more easily-all without adding bulk, or using add-ons. Built into the back of the case is a patented spring-loaded retractable kickstand that pops out for easy viewing. When done, simply flip the stand back and it magically disappears within the case. The entire stand adds nearly no bulk to the case and works for both vertical and horizontal viewing. Available in Black/Grey for a MSRP of $39.95.

CandyShell Card
The new CandyShell Card lets you keep your essential cards with you in your iPhone 4, allowing you to leave your wallet at home. This case conveniently holds up to three credit cards (or your driver’s license/identification) neatly and securely behind the iPhone. The CandyShell Card is specially designed to keep a low profile while preventing your cards from slipping out by maintaining constant soft pressure inside, whether inserting one, two or three cards into the case. The side-loading card slot is fully enclosed to prevent cards from scratching the back of your iPhone when inserted and removed. There’s also a convenient thumb release slot to make removing your cards easy. Available in Black/Grey for a MSRP of $39.95.

Both new cases feature Speck’s award-winning single-piece CandyShell design, with a sleek protective hard shell exterior that’s easy to slide in and out of pockets, as well as soft rubberized interior lining and button covers that offer extra shock-absorption and protection from drops and bumps.

About Speck
Founded in 2001, Palo Alto-based Speck is a leading designer and maker of original, high quality cases, bags and packs for the latest popular portable electronic devices. The company is best known for its focus on creating refreshing designs that offer quality, thoughtful features, and distinctive style. For more information, visit