Phone Halo is your gadget guardian angel

Phone Halo is your gadget guardian angel


Phone Halo works by using a mobile application alongside a small matchbox-sized “PhoneTag” dongle apparatus that you can attach to nearly anything you want to keep track of, preferably something that you carry around at the same time as your smartphone; keys, wallet, luggage, laptop bags, your child. Whatever it is you have around with you that you don’t want to go missing, Phone tag it. By using a combination of Bluetooth, GPS and Google maps, Phone Halo’s tag is able to inform you if you’re about to leave the wandering child infront of the candy stand. A better example would be your keys, lets say you forget your keys with the PhoneTag at the counter in Starbucks. The PhoneTag will automatically let you know once you extend past a preset perimeter. And lets just say you forget your smartphone somewhere, the Phone Halo application will send you an e-mail with a map of where and when the phones last known location was.

Over 200 phones were lost by the time you finished reading this article. According to Phone Halo COO Christian Smith “More than 30 million Americans lost a cell phone last year. That’s more than 50 phones lost every minute,”. Where’s your phone?

The new slimmer, sleeker Phone Tag is expected to come out this summer, no price is set yet, but expect it to go for roughly the same as older Phone Tags ($60). 

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Phone Halo’s Sleek New Gadget Promises Smartphone Owners: “Never Lose Anything Important Again”

Stylish, Seamless and Secure Accessory Protects Smartphones, Keys, Laptops and More

2011 International CES
LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Phone Halo, a mobile technology company that protects your most important things, is introducing a sleek, redesigned version of its award-winning gadget at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The product will be showcased in the Cobra Electronics booth (#9845 in Central Hall) as Cobra PhoneTag™, powered by Phone Halo technology. Cobra PhoneTag™ will be available to the public Summer 2011.

“More than 30 million Americans lost a cell phone last year. That’s more than 50 phones lost every minute”
The matchbox-sized PhoneTag helps you keep track of your smartphone, keys, wallet, luggage, laptop bag and more, using a combination of Bluetooth®, GPS and Google mapping technology. Simply attach PhoneTag to the object you want to protect and begin tracking that object using the Phone Halo powered application on your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android smartphone. If the object and the phone get separated, you’ll get an alert with the exact location of the lost object. If you happen to lose your smartphone, the application will send you an e-mail with the phone’s last known location.

“More than 30 million Americans lost a cell phone last year. That’s more than 50 phones lost every minute,” said Phone Halo COO Christian Smith. “And that’s not counting the hundreds of thousands of lost keys, purses, wallets and laptop bags. PhoneTag makes losing important objects a thing of the past.”

Phone Halo co-founders Christian Smith and Chris Herbert designed the core technology while studying engineering at UC Santa Barbara in 2008. They launched the first version of the product, Phone Halo Protect, at DEMO Spring 2010. Cobra Electronics Corporation (Nasdaq: COBR) is licensing the technology under the Cobra PhoneTag™ brand name.

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About Phone Halo

Phone Halo is a mobile software and hardware development company that protects your most important things—from smartphones to keys. The award winning Phone Halo technology is built into every Cobra PhoneTag™, delivering protection for your smartphone, keys, and any item you do not want to leave behind. For more information on Phone Halo, please visit

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