Mophie Pulse gives your iPhone 4 a louder bark, bigger bite

Mophie Pulse gives your iPhone 4 a louder bark, bigger bite


For those of us that are iPhone users we should be quite familiar with Mophie’s Juice Pack and that clever little Mophie Marketplace case to easily ring up credit cards. The power packs have been an invaluable accessory to thwart the iPhone’s battery chugging capabilities, but where can they go from here? Mophie has taken it one step further with their next-generation power pack, the Mophie Pulse, which they are showing off CES.

The Pulse is basically a slimmer version of the Mophie juice pack, meaning it includes the added battery life and the solid protective case. But in addition to those features the Pulse also has the ability to significantly increase the volume and vibration of your device. It does this with built-in front-facing speakers that can work to increase your ring tone to make it easier to hear while it’s in your pocket, or as a portable speaker system to play your music, and powerful feedback technology designed by a company called Reflex.

Whether you want to increase your battery life, actually know when you are receiving a call or a text or simply just want a pretty and sturdy case for your iPhone, the new Mophie Pulse can give you all of those features. A bit of a twist from what we’re used to, but I guess Mophie has to do something new.

[Gizmodo via Mophie]