iTwin ships $99 encrypted remote file access USB stick

iTwin ships $99 encrypted remote file access USB stick


If you haven’t heard of iTwin before we’ll forgive you, but if you’re looking for a secure, remote file-sharing solution they could be worth a look at.

iTwin announced their Remote File Access device was shipping at CES 2011 today and it’s got us thinking about their future potential. The device works pretty simply, it’s got two identical halves with their own USB 2.0 interfaces. You plug one end into the computer or server you want to access files on and the other half can be used on another computer anywhere in the world to access data on that home computer via an internet connection.

There’s a couple of perks which make this really nice. The first is the military-grade 256-bit encryption which keeps your data protected as you access files over the open internet from a remote computer. The second is that you’re not porting around a laptop or even data on a USB Flash drive. The device just gives you access to your “home” computer to open, modify and back-up documents on the road. You can set a password on the iTwin in case it’s lost or even remotely disable it which is a nice touch. Also, there’s no storage capacity limit so your only data restraint is your free memory on your “home” computer or server.

One thing we’re a bit unsure on is what kind of internet connectivity you need for this to work well. Since you’re effectively working remotely we think that it’d need to be at least ADSL or higher and iTwin’s only spec in this regard is a “fast” broadband connection.

iTwin is available now for $99. We like the price point and think it’s got some nice features. If you’re at CES check them out at Booth #56018 Hilton Pavilion & Ballroom. If you’re not in Vegas they have a really simple video that explains how it works.

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Get Easy Remote File Access in the Palm of Your Hand With iTwin, Launching at CES

Streamline your digital life and leave the laptop behind—iTwin offers secure access to files from any computer with an internet connection

2011 International CES
Booth 56018
LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Booth #56018 Hilton Pavilion & Ballroom

“Given the fast pace of both professional and personal lives today, people appreciate the option of instant access to their files without requiring them to haul around multiple devices”
iTwin today announced the U.S. general availability of its new iTwin Remote File Access device ($99) at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The iTwin is comprised of two identical parts that resemble a standard USB drive. When one end of the iTwin goes into the main computer, its matching half, or “twin,” can be activated on any PC with an Internet connection, enabling immediate access to files from one computer to the other. iTwin allows users to share, copy or back-up work documents, digital music and photo libraries, or general files and folders needed from the road. Professional users of iTwin can also collaborate by remotely accessing and/or editing files, while ensuring complete versioning control. (See a 90-second video of how iTwin works here.)

File sharing and back-up have previously come at substantial risk to the user. Portable storage devices have limited storage capacity and if lost, security and privacy is compromised. Login-based solutions rely on passwords, which are difficult to remember and risky, as passwords can be hacked; cloud-providers require a third party to host sensitive information. iTwin allows users to safely keep all their files in one place by utilizing military-grade 256-bit AES encryption.

“Given the fast pace of both professional and personal lives today, people appreciate the option of instant access to their files without requiring them to haul around multiple devices,” said iTwin co-founder and COO Kal Takru. “iTwin users can travel without a laptop, and without the risks associated with USB flash drives or the storage limitations of the cloud. Safe, effective, and utterly portable, iTwin gives you the freedom to be productive while leaving the bulk behind.”

iTwin is available now at an introductory price of $99 USD at iTwin is exhibiting at booth 56018 in the Hilton Pavilion and Ballroom at CES in Las Vegas from January 6 – 9, 2011. To schedule a meeting with iTwin during the show please call Schwartz Communications at 415-512-0770 or email iTwin at Schwartzcomm dot com. For more information, please visit

About iTwin

iTwin is a user-friendly hardware device for connecting two online computers, anywhere in the world, safely and simply. It supports Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Unlike storage offerings with space limitations and privacy risks, iTwin’s award-winning product comprises two identical halves that need only be plugged into two computers for them to be instantly connected and secured by hardware-based encryption. iTwin, honored as a 2009 finalist in the TechCrunch 50 awards, makes remote file access as simple as using a flash drive while enabling users to replicate the experience of one computer on any other computer with an internet connection. Travel light, take as many of your tunes, videos and pictures as you’d like and eliminate leaking of sensitive data by leaving the laptop at the office. For more ideas on how to be productive and worry free with iTwin, please visit, or follow us on twitter @iTwinTweet and Facebook at