Joby brings bendy Gorillapod arms to the iPad

Joby brings bendy Gorillapod arms to the iPad


Joby has been known for its popular, and recognizable bendy tripod for your camera and mobile devices. You can morph and shape them into just about any configuration you want. At this year’s CES in Joby has added to their line up to include two new stands for the iPad, which they did not have any products for previously. Their new additions are the Ori Case for the iPad, which is a more set and mechanical looking piece, and the Yogi Case, which is their traditional go to design adapted for the iPad.

Like their other Gorillapod products, the Yogi uses the trademark Joby, pliable ball and socket legs to support the device in any position you desire. For this version of the product they have two of the ball and socket legs, and rely on the actual iPad to complete the tripod. The case mount on either side of the device, and from there you can pose the iPad any way you like, on your wrist, around your knee, on a bar or hanging from the back of an airplane seat, it offers a lot of versatility.

We’ve seen some people try to use the regular, mobile version of the Gorillapod as an iPad stand with reasonable success, but this product is specifically made for the iPad and actually fits securely on the tablet, making it a better solution and a useful accessory to any iPad owner. The Yogi Gorillapod Case is available now for $50 and the Ori is $80.

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