Dexim iPhone charger shows current, slays vampire power

Dexim iPhone charger shows current, slays vampire power


We all have a lot of electronic devices these days and we tend to leave them plugged in even when it’s not necessary. There has to be a way to cut out that “vampire power” in a fun and colorful way, right? Dexim seems to think so.

Over at CES 2011, they have something called the Visible G Charger. Compatible with your choice of iDevice, it’s a wall charger whose cord actually glows when it’s being used. What’s cool is that this glow “moves” to show the electrical current coursing through it, but it doesn’t actually consume any extra power. The cord is lined with some sort of electroluminescent coating that reacts to the electricity passing through it.

When your iPhone or iPod touch is done charging, the wall charger effectively shuts off to prevent the drain of vampire power. You can see this, because the glowing cord will stop glowing. This isn’t actually groundbreaking or world changing, but it does look neat.

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