AppliedMicro takes NAS Systems beyond HD

AppliedMicro takes NAS Systems beyond HD


AppliedMicro used the CES venue to announce their complete consumer NAS systems designed to allow consumers to store, stream and share digital files across any converged device. Specifically designed for OEMs and ODMs, AppliedMicro NAS Systems will have the processing power, system design and software to evolve basic storage devices into next-generation multimedia servers.

Loaded with PowerPC APM821x1 and APM8018X processors, users will have access to transcoding, a cutting edge media processing feature that can store downloaded HD movies in alternative formats. This means more effective use of storage space and interoperability between various types of content.

Meanwhile reference designs provide OEMs and ODMs the computing performance to enable introduction of new wireless capabilities that allow consumers to store, stream and share their multimedia content to any television, PC, tablet or smart phone display on the digital connected home network.

This is big news for OEMs and ODMs as the reference designs will minimize their time-to-market and allow them to leverage AppliedMicro’s technology to capitalize on the growing NAS market this year. Essentially, every device can become a NAS.

AppliedMicro is staked out at the LVCC, South Hall in Meeting Place #25933 for a live demo of their advanced reference designs.

AppliedMicro Introduces Next-Generation Consumer NAS Systems at 2011 International CES

Performance and innovative system design transform storage devices into powerful multimedia servers for OEMs and ODMs in connected digital home market

2011 International CES
LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Applied Micro Circuits Corporation or AppliedMicro (NASDAQ:AMCC), today announced complete consumer network attached storage (NAS) systems featuring PowerPC®-based APM821x1 and APM8018X processors at 2011 International CES. Designed for OEMs and ODMs, AppliedMicro NAS systems offer processing power, complete system design and application software to transform basic storage devices into high performance storage systems and next-generation multimedia servers for connected digital living rooms. As end products, these NAS systems allow consumers to store, stream and share their digital files at any time across any converged device and allow manufacturers quick entry into a rapidly growing market.

“AppliedMicro sees advanced storage technology and NAS systems as the backbone for the digital multimedia lifestyle as consumers want to store their digital content in one central place and have the ability to access and stream these files anywhere through a growing number of convergence devices”
AppliedMicro NAS reference designs provide advanced features such as wireless access and transcoding that enable end users with easy access to growing volumes of multimedia content. The company’s APM821x1 and APM8018X SoCs provide advanced NAS solutions that feature a unique combination of high performance, low-power operation and attractive price points.

Transcoding is a cutting-edge media processing feature in the APM821X1 reference design that allows users to download HD movies and store them in another format, enabling the most effective use of limited storage space while creating interoperability between all types of content. Additionally, transcoding enables consumers to access to growing volumes of digital multimedia content through all display devices connected to the home network such as TVs, PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

“AppliedMicro sees advanced storage technology and NAS systems as the backbone for the digital multimedia lifestyle as consumers want to store their digital content in one central place and have the ability to access and stream these files anywhere through a growing number of convergence devices,” said Vamshi Kandalla, Senior Director of the AppliedMicro Consumer SMB Products Division. “The complete NAS system solutions offer OEMs and ODMs the ability to take the next-generation capabilities such as storing, streaming, and sharing directly to the consumer. AppliedMicro has been winning designs with leading manufacturers over the last year by offering quick market entry with best-in-class performance and market-leading features at attractive prices.”

The consumer NAS market is expected grow in 2011 and deliver more than $1.25 billion in revenues, according to ABI Research. At CES 2011, AppliedMicro NAS platforms will offer a roadmap to next-generation capabilities that improve the versatility of these platforms in the connected digital home:

Network Performance: High-speed wireline and wireless connectivity improves access for on-the-go sharing through smart phones, tablets, laptops and HD displays.
Next-Generation: New PacketPro™ family of embedded SoCs will improve the performance, energy efficiency and security of future generation NAS systems.
Complete NAS reference designs from AppliedMicro reduce time-to-market for ODMs and OEMs. To see a live demonstration of AppliedMicro’s advanced reference designs, visit the company at CES Las Vegas 2011 in the South Hall in Meeting Place #25933.

AppliedMicro Overview

AppliedMicro is a global leader in energy conscious computing solutions for telco, enterprise, data center, consumer and SMB applications. With a 30-year heritage as an innovator in high-speed connectivity and high performance embedded processing, AppliedMicro employs patented Power Architecture® SoCs to provide energy efficient products that can deliver up to a 40 percent reduction in power consumption without sacrificing performance. AppliedMicro’s corporate headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California. Sales and engineering offices are located throughout the world. For further information regarding AppliedMicro, visit the company’s Web site at

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