HTC ThunderBolt confirmed by Rolling Stone

HTC ThunderBolt confirmed by Rolling Stone


The lightning fast rumored HTC ThunderBolt appears to be confirmed by way of a full page ad in none other than Rolling Stone magazine. This is HTC’s first LTE phone period, and it’s headed to Verizon. HTC Mecha and Droid Incredible HD names were floating around, but it seems ThunderBolt is it and its an electric choice considering its pushing the fastest data around.

Another leak to the right of the 4.3-inch displayed ThunderBolt is the Inspire 4G for AT&T. With HSPA+ being pushed to the edges, it’s not exactly clear what AT&T is doing with “4G” with this offering. Stay tuned for more as we’re sure CES will bring out the best of em, and perhaps we can find out what’s really under the ThunderBolt’s hood.

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