Android set to overtake BlackBerry for 2nd place in USA

Android set to overtake BlackBerry for 2nd place in USA


The market share, she’s a-shifting. Apple’s iPhone with iOS is still leading the pack according to the latest numbers from Nielson, but it looks like there will soon be a new second place contender in the United States. Not surprisingly, that rising star is Google’s Android.

The newest data is for November 2010 and it shows that RIM’s BlackBerry dropped from 33.9% in June to just 26.1% in November. By comparison, Google Android-based devices rose from 15% to 25.8% over the same time period with no real sign of slowing down. That puts Android within fractions of a percentage point of RIM. For frame of reference, Apple is sitting relatively steady at 28.6%.

Over the course of those few months, Jim Balsillie saw his company’s market share (in the United States, at least) fall from being first to almost dropping to third. If these trends continue, we could see a complete flip with Android leading the pack, iOS taking second, and RIM chasing along with bronze.

Yes, Android is “cheating” by being offered through multiple manufacturers, but the closed ecosystem are Apple’s and RIM’s own doing.

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