First look at Sprint 3G/4G MiFi 4082 from Novatel

First look at Sprint 3G/4G MiFi 4082 from Novatel


Having a mobile hotspot is pretty useful when you’re traveling across the country with your laptop (and iPad) in tow. Having a mobile hotspot capable of latching onto the 4G WiMAX network from Sprint is even better, and that seems to be happening with the Novatel-sourced Sprint 3G/4G MiFi 4082 pictured here.

At least we think it’s a real product shot and not some enthusiast’s attempt at PhotoShop. As you can imagine, the new MiFi will work in much the same way as the countless other MiFi devices that have now infiltrated the market. You turn it on, it connects to the cellular network, and you get WiFi access to the interweb on your preferred mobile device.

Aside from the obvious appeal of 4G connectivity, it’s also nice that the MiFi 4082 looks a little sleeker than the current plain plastic numbers making their way through most other carriers. It looks like you’ll get some brushed aluminum and a shiny chrome bezel, assuming this photo holds true. The indicator lights above the power button don’t look too bad either.

No word on price or availability, of course, but the Sprint 3G/4G MiFi 4082 has reportedly finishing jumping through the hoops at FCC, so it should be in the clear any day now. You know, assuming Sprint is ready to go.

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