Windows Phone 7 now with 5,000 mobile apps (and growing)

Windows Phone 7 now with 5,000 mobile apps (and growing)


No, this number is nowhere near as impressive as what you’d find through the App Store for the Apple iPhone and other iOS devices, but it represents a major milestone for Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system. If you happen to be rocking something like the Samsung Focus or HTC Surround, you can now go to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and find no fewer than 5,000 apps.

Remember that the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has only been open for a little over two months, and the whole WP7 platform is still very much in the early adoption stage. To put things into perspective, Windows Phone 7 only took a little over two months to meet the 5,000 app threshold. On the flip side, Palm’s webOS has been out for a year and a half and it is only now hitting 5,000 apps. That says something right there.

While there are certainly a number of free applications available through the WP7 Marketplace, it’s also noteworthy that the average price of an app got about a ten cent bump to $1.52 last week. The $500 “I Am Rich” app surely had something to do with that.

Of the 5,000 apps, about a fifth are mobile games. That just goes to show you that gaming on smartphones is definitely a big thing, even when it comes to a Microsoft platform. There is Xbox Live on there after all.