TDK boombox bringing you back to the 80s

TDK boombox bringing you back to the 80s


It’s not exactly Steampunk, but TDK’s new 2- and 3-speaker boomboxes sure have a solid 80s vibe integrated into those sleek, shiny black boxes.

There’s no tape deck or CD tray, but you can charge your iPod or iPhone as it plays using the 30-pin cable. You can sift through music on a flash drive using the front-facing screen, plug your mp3 player or computer in to the line in, your TV to the RCA inputs, or even hook up your guitar and use it as an amp. Plus, the 3-speaker unit’s third speaker is a sub-woofer. Which makes for one awesome portable ghetto-blaster.

Well, portable to an extent. TDK seems to have forgotten to update one of the serious downfalls of 80s technology: You’ll have to buy 10 or 12 ‘D’ batteries before you can schlep the thing around with you, most likely on your shoulder. Otherwise, you’re stuck using the AC cord.