Poco Pro 14MP camera no bigger than a credit card, rocks mechanical...

Poco Pro 14MP camera no bigger than a credit card, rocks mechanical shutter


When it comes to digital cameras, it usually pays to stick with the bigger names in the industry. You can feel a little better with a Canon or Nikon in your hands, because they’re trusted and true. Even so, the Poco Pro camera from Iain Sinclair might turn a few heads with its credit card-sized footprint and slew of features.

Sure, it’s not as thin as a credit card (what’s with that weird bulge in the middle?), but it’ll easily slip into your pocket. The spec sheet calls for a 14MP sensor, but based on the size of the lens, the sensor itself is probably really tiny. More megapixels, as you know, do not equate to better picture quality. The same sensor can be used for 1080p HD video recording.

Running through the features, we find a 2.4-inch AMOLED display, touch-sensitive controls around the bezel, haptic feedback, a mechanical shutter (for that satisfying sound you normally only get out of SLRs), MP3 playback (yes, really), built-in speakers, microSD slot and twin LED flash. There’s no optical zoom to be had, though.

Iain Sinclair’s Poco Pro digital camera is projected to sell for 200GBP ($307), but it won’t be hitting any retail channels until June of next year. That’s assuming if it ever makes it to market at all. This is the same crew who’s making that credit card pocket knife.

[ Iain Sinclair Design]