Eton’s Raptor a must-stow for your holiday escape

Eton’s Raptor a must-stow for your holiday escape


Meet the Raptor. The first thing you’ll notice is that one side of this omni-poderoso device is a solar panel. Not only does this panel charge the gadget’s own li-ion battery, but anything you plug into its mini USB charger, too. It’s got everything you need to for hiking, trekking, camping in the furthest reaches of nowhere and predicting the weather: A compass, chronograph, altimeter, barometer, digital radio, clock – complete with alarm clock so you can get back to following changes in atmospheric pressure in the gentle light of dawn after a long night of using the integrated bottle opener.

Or stay at home and plug your iPod into the Raptor’s line-in for use as an armoured external speaker. Either way, you’re covered in emergencies and for rugged fun.

[Engadget via Eton]