Vicon “Peer” Revue

Vicon “Peer” Revue


The idea is simple enough. Wear a small, square camera as a necklace all of the time, and allow it to take up to eight photos per minute of everything you do.

I’ve heard a few scathing reviews of this device. Saying an auto-fire 0.3 megapixel camera on a string isn’t worth the $775 price tag. Saying that, despite the temperature and light sensors, 3-axis magnetometer, accelerometer and motion detector, it’s still just an expensive camera for taking low-res photos of your boring life.

Despite the fact that now it’s mainly targeted towards those suffering from memory loss, I’ll play along.

I, for one, think it’s ingenious. Not even just the camera, but this whole social media craze in general. I think the Revue should be mandatory for everyone in our society, as should posting the resulting photos on sites such as Facebook, flickr, ect.

Sure, it might start out as millions of boring photos from millions of boring people’s boring lives. But eventually, I think there would be benefits. A lower crime rate and higher crime-solve rate spring to mind.

It would aid in reversing habitual bad habits, guilty pleasures and obesity by leveraging the deep human fear of being judged. “I was looking through your photos from yesterday,” people would imagine hearing from friends and family every time they considered grabbing that fifth donut or putting on their favourite Duran Duran album.

But the true benefit, I think, would be its effect on making people be less boring. Boring, self-conscious people will start pushing to be less boring because they’re so self-conscious. People who are unaware of how boring they are would have daily chances for reaching this revelation.

And you know there would be all kinds of escalating dares and contests of who could get the most dangerous/hilarious/absurd shots out of their day.

So I say, bring on the Revue. It might be a slow start, but endless amounts of positive transformation and free entertainment await.

[Vicon Revnue]