Using Popplets to spice up your iPad docs

Using Popplets to spice up your iPad docs


Several times over the last few months I have been able to use the Popplets app to not only make sharp looking mind maps and org charts, but also as a great tool to add some punch to documents.

Popplets itself is a great little app to work with. Just tap an empty spot and get a little bubble that you can add text, drawings or pictures to. Want another one? Tap another empty spot on the page or drag out from the side of the first one to create a connecting bubble. Connecting lines can be added or removed and connections stretch as you move the bubbles around. You can pick colors for backgrounds and bubbles although stangely, a white background isn’t an option. I wrote to the team a few weeks ago so hopefully it will make it into a future update.

Since you also can’t save a Popplet directly to your photo gallery, get around it by touching the share button to email it to yourself as a JPEG picture or PDF. Just save them from the mail app and you can then embed these images into your documents. If you are adding your photos to a document in Keynote or Pages, you may want to double-tap on the image to adjust the mask; essentally scaling it within the picture frame. I did it in the document examples above to zoom in on the graphic, skipping the Popplet title and much of the wasted space. An interesting border can also draw the eye, and looks so much better than a plain black line.

Check out the video at Popplet, or try out the free version in the app store; which limits you to one board. If you like it the full version is $8.99.