N-trig DuoSense multitouch and pen support enroute to Google Android

N-trig DuoSense multitouch and pen support enroute to Google Android


Tablets have become a pretty big deal and Google Android is featuring prominently on this front. Capitalizing on this rising trend is N-trig. They’ve now adapted the DuoSense technology over to the Android platform and we should start seeing the tech implemented in Android tablets early next year.

What is DuoSense? From what I can gather, the tech combines a digitizer pen (like the one you would use with a Wacom graphics tablet) with multi-touch capabilities. We all know that these pen-based solutions are more accurate than our chubby fingers, but rarely do you find pens and multi-touch going on at the same time.

The idea, then, is to use the N-trig hardware to open “up new windows of opportunity for the Android pen community to utilize the N-trig Digital Pencil to expand functionality from traditional media consumption and create pen-based applications for more precise and creative on-screen user interaction.” I guess you could start drawing up your own webcomics on your tablet, rather than just reading them.

The press release doesn’t make mention of any specific hardware partners, but it does indicate that the N-trig DuoSense solution will be “integrated in a number of Android slates due to be launched in 2011.”

In an interview with Mobilized, N-trig VP Gary Baum says N-trig technology adds about $50 to the cost of the device. Which could make a budget version of the Wacom Cintiq line of LCD tablets. Adding pressure sensitivity and sub-pixel accuracy to a device like the iPad would change alot of things, but the average user wouldn’t see the benefits themselves. The Cintiq brings users 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, while the 256 levels of pressure sensitivity in DuoSense would be more along the lines of a Windows Tablet.

But in the end it will allow them to stand out in the crowd of Android tablets flooding the market to look more like a Windows tablet.

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