Real world videos of Notion Ink Adam tablet: Insane multitasking in action

Real world videos of Notion Ink Adam tablet: Insane multitasking in action


The tablet world is really heating up, but it seems like the Notion Ink Adam tablet has been simmering on the back burner for far too long. When is this thing finally going to hit the market? We don’t have the answer to that question just yet, but we have come across a real world demo video and, well, it’s pretty hot.

As you may recall, one of the biggest selling points of the Adam is that it makes use of the Pixel Qi “transflective” display. It also comes with a whole bunch of ports and inputs that you won’t find on the current iPad. The real kicker in this silent demo video is the multitasking performance.

Without exaggeration, the demo has the Notion Ink Adam running no fewer than nine apps all at the same time. This includes the “Sniffer” file browser app that has indexed the internal memory, USB drive, and SD card. It also includes a PDF file open in the Office Suite, the email client, and ebook reader. Over the course of the video they also open the weather app and a few new tabs in the browser.

All in all, it looks like Adam has no trouble keeping all the balls in the air, juggling a very impressive number of apps with swiping launches and quick switches. The UI isn’t silky smooth when things get a little more complex, but it looks like it’s able to hold its own. Good stuff. Now they just have to release the bloody thing and send us a unit to play with.

[Giz via Android Police, Notion Ink]