Honda to start leasing electric scooter

Honda to start leasing electric scooter


Honda will start leasing its EV-neo Electric Scooter on Friday, December 24, 2010 to select businesses in Japan. They are leasing 100 scooters as part of a government-backed program to collect data about the scooters. The EV-neo can go for 34 km before needing to be recharged, which Honda measured at a constant speed of 30 km/h on a level road. The scooter is being marketed for delivery services.

To save the pizza delivery guy from a charge time of about four hours with the portable 100V charger that comes with the scooter, Honda has developed a quick charger exclusively for the EV-neo, which can fully charge the scooter in 30 minutes. They are also part of the pilot program for the recently announced Honda EV charging stations in Japan.

Honda promotes the scooter as green, clean and quiet. It’s so quiet that there is an optional pedestrian alert system on the scooter to warn pedestrians that the pizza delivery guy is hot on their heels. The base price of the scooter with tax is about $5900 US. The scooter with the quick charger is about $6850 US. Honda hopes to start lease sales of the EV-neo to general businesses and individual business owners in April 2011.