Google gives you the power to invent

Google gives you the power to invent


Everyone has a favorite app or set of apps that they love to use, but the thing is most of the time we can’t find the app that can do exactly what we want it to do. Now, those days may soon come to an end; that is if you’re technologically inclined enough to use Google’s new App Inventor.

Just released for public use, and obviously due to its simple nature, the apps created using the App Inventor will not be as powerful or as pretty as the ones that are personally coded by a seasoned professional, but with some practice and a camera you could put together something that will surprise you. For instance, If three guys can create a 450-slide animation using only Google’s online document application, then what more can we expect from this App Inventor?

The folks at Google have always strived towards innovation, and this is no different. You can start creating your own masterpieces now by going to Googlelabs, or you can browse the forums to see what other people have done with the new App Inventor.