Dynamic Eye working on intelligent LCD sunglasses

Dynamic Eye working on intelligent LCD sunglasses


If all goes well for one team of American scientists, you may soon have to free up another USB port to charge – this may sound absurd – your sunglasses.

Using a pair of tinted LCD screens as lenses and a visual censor in the bridge, Dynamic Eye’s prototype sunglasses blot out the sun, headlights and other intense light sources in your field of vision while the rest of the lens remains much less tinted.

“If you’re driving into the sun, it’ll dim down the sun without dimming down everything that you want to see,” says founder Chris Mullin in a demo video. That’s exactly how the idea struck him: driving into the sun both ways on his daily commute in California.

“The sun was always somewhere in my field of view,” Mullin says. Luckily, while attending the University of California in Berkley for his PhD in physics, he specialized in lasers, optics, and liquid crystals. With this education, it wasn’t hard to connect the proverbial dots – or design sunglasses that put a less proverbial dot directly between your pupil and the sun.

He’s right about one thing. Squinting for a prolonged period of time can be painful. But there are not many people who would leave the privacy of their homes wearing anything that remotely resembles the somewhat obnoxious prototype.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool idea. But judging by the company’s website, ugly is how Dynamic Eye rolls at the moment. With a bit of funding and some clever concepts, we’re sure the Dynamic Eye will be a big success.

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