Skyfire for iPad will bring Flash video to the tablet

Skyfire for iPad will bring Flash video to the tablet


As much as you may like your iPad, it’s still missing in a couple of departments. Maybe you want to watch some Flash video. Maybe you want to have an alternative web browser to Safari. Well, Skyfire is on its way to the iPad and it’s looking to make quite the splash.

Not surprisingly, the iPad take on the alternative web browser will borrow much of its inspiration from Skyfire for the iPhone. As can be expected, Flash video support comes in tow and it works by using Skyfire’s servers to convert Flash into iPad-friendly HTML5 content.

The Skyfire browser for iPad also comes with Facebook and Twitter QuickView, Fireplace Feed Reader (for Facebook), Google Reader integration, and an integrated Facebook Like button for every webpage. Yes, they’re pretty heavy on the Facebook stuff.

Considering that Skyfire was able to sell 300,000 copies of its iPhone browser within the first few hours of its release (at a buck a piece), I would not at all be surprised if they enjoyed similar success with the iPad version when it arrives. Flash is coming to the iPad. Sort of.

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