Leica M9 plus Speak and Spell iPhone 4 decals are shipping

Leica M9 plus Speak and Spell iPhone 4 decals are shipping


I think that most of us are familiar with the Speak and Spell toy of the 80’s, or Mr. Spell from Toy Story for you youngsters. Well get ready for a splash of nostalgia because blakemedia from the do-it-yourself online market etsy.com has come out with a vinyl iPhone decal that is going to take one of our favorite 21st century gadgets look a lot like one of it’s old world forefathers.

If that isn’t reason enough to get you jumping out of your seat and ready to buy this blast from the past, it still gets a little bit better. Thanks to Avery vinyl and the “air egress technology” you wont need to worry about those annoying little bumps on your decal that never seem to go away. That may not end up being one of its main selling features, but it is still a welcome luxury when you want your iPhone looking its best and ready to be shown off.

Also released is the Leica M9 decal, we saw an “unofficial” one of these back in September by Joey Celis, but it seems that its now been given the go ahead and available from etsy too.
So if you are looking for a way to make your iPhone 4 look like a retro shooter, or old school children’s gadget, blakemedia is selling them for only $6.99.

Update: It appears the Speak and Spell is “SOLD”, we’re not sure if more are in, but the Leica M9 is still available.

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