Google maps the body

Google maps the body


After mapping the far reaches of the Earth, to the solar system, Google’s come back to Earth and delved into mapping something much closer to home: humans.

Still in the “labs” stage, Google body browser provides an interactive human body view that can be searched, navigated and stripped back to the nerves, muscle and bone.

Like a lot of Google Labs projects this was put together by a developer getting a break from his/her regular paid duties. Their 20 percent time philosophy frees up engineers to spend one day a week on  something new or a fix they find of their choosing. These 20% projects reap big benefits for Google users so we’ve got to commend them on keeping up the practice.

Brilliantly, Body Browers needs to be used in a web browser with WebGL support, and a handy link to the new Google Chrome beta, making this a development equivalent of a double-double. If you’re anti-Chrome you can also use Firefox 4 beta, otherwise you better be content with just exploring your own body because you won’t get your fingers on Google’s.

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